Battle Report: The battle for Peas and Serenity

Hey guess what? Lockdown here in Melbourne Australia has finally come to an end. I’ve been lucky enough to work through lockdown this time round so it hasn’t affected me too much. I generally only go to the hardware store, the petrol station and to clients homes anyway haha. The only thing I couldn’t do was hang out with my mates who are my brothers really. 

However now it’s all over Big Waz came round for a game and what a great game it was. 

Orks (IRO) Vs Guard (Big Waz) 

The Battle For Peas and Serenity. 

The objective for the Guard was to rescue General Peas from the dirty green clutches of the Orks.

General Peas looking dapper as ever.

The objective of the Orks was to capture what “Umies” call serenity. A strange and rare thing to find and keep. 

Here are what the armies looked like starting with the guard.

Here are the Orks.

As you can see, both sides were vehicle heavy. 

Here’s the map setup. (I hope you can see it this time) A lot of terrain as I wanted a real city scape battle this time round. 

Here’s a couple of shots close up. The pillars were road blocks for vehicles that would have to be blasted into smithereens if a player wished to pass through them.  

I think setting up terrain is one of my favourite things to do hehe.

Turn 1:

I won the initiative so, full of gusto, I started to move the mighty Red Orktober (landship) forward but first I had to blow up some ruins to get past it. I continued to push forward until I had some enemy troops in my sights. I fired off a few shots but rolled badly and didn’t score any kills. 

Big Waz boldly moved up commander Bromhead in his white Leman Russ Steed and took aim at “Da Fury” Ork tank. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM went the canon causing a lot of damage but the grizzled old war machine held on… just. 

Turn 2:

Da Red Orktober fired down at a squad of veteran guardsmen and took out four of the six. Then the giant warship took aim at the Green Dragoons cavalry and WHAM dropped three of the five. Feeling quite pleased with myself I decided to get Da Fury tank to get a bit of payback on Bromhead. Sadly, after three well aimed shots, only some ineffectual damage was caused. 

One more shot from Bromhead and Da Fury’s turret blew apart killing all the crew and disabling the old tank. 

Turn 3: 

After the glorious kill Bromheads head swelled and his lust for Ork blood grew so he fired, point blank, into a squad of Ork boyz killing all but one. Then he, mercilessly, fired his canon again just to take out the lone greenskin. Absolutely SAVAGE! My freshly painted Ork Giant was extremely pissed off after seeing the carnage Bromhead had unleashed and fired his catapult. The skinny green bomb/ork missed the enemy tank completely and went splat on the ground. This only infuriated the giant even more and he charged at the white Leman Russ and started tearing away at the imperial machine with his bare green hands.

Unfortunately, two very bad things happened next. Bromhead blasted a hole in the Giants chest killing him instantly, then Bromhead rescued General Peas. You see, in my eagerness to engage with the enemy I hadn’t, properly, secured my prisoner. 

Now aboard Bromheads steed General Peas was on his way back to the safety of his own lines. A few rolls of the dice later and the well dressed General was home free. Big Waz had won the game.

BUT… Orks don’t give up that easy. 

Needless to say we were angry! 

Turn 4:

Da Red Orkstober steamed ahead blasting in every direction. It took on two Leman Russ tanks and destroyed them both. One was an easy kill but the other took a lot more effort. Meanwhile one of the remaining dragoons galloped up onto some ruins where he found an abandoned Lascanon and opened fire on the old Ork ship.


Some heavy back and forth firing ensued but finally, after Da Red Orktober shot down a tower and went trundling over a veteran BannaRoff soldier and a canon, the Orks recaptured General Peas and stole serenity. The gunship reversed hastily but became an easy target for the last Lascanon plus a ballista tank and Bromhead opened fire. It wasn’t long before Da Red Orktober was completely destroyed and Kaptin Bludtoof was forced to abandon his beloved ship. Moments later an extremely well aimed shot from the ballista tank took down the old Ork Sea Kaptin. 

The rest of the Orks, most of whom hadn’t even raised a finger, decided to call it a day and buggered off to a local grog shop. 

The guard rejoiced and once again found Peas and Serenity. 

The game was an action packed and fast paced! It was a little disappointing in a way that I didn’t get to play with all my Orks but, as I always say, it’s more about the story that unfolds than anything else for me. 

Another great mate of mine, Keith, is coming by tomorrow night for a game so expect another report soon hehe. 


38 thoughts on “Battle Report: The battle for Peas and Serenity”

  1. Waz for the win (sorry Luke). I can now say that effectively you are getting in more games than I am 😢. Happy to hear you will fight on tomorrow (and did I spy the MORINBOT)? Great pics, great write up. Happy your lockdown is over, party like it’s 1999….

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  2. That’s a super looking battle, good to see the boyz in action (loved seeing that landship!). Don’t let Waz tell you otherwise, it’s a well known fact that Orks have never, ever lost a battle. 

    Its true. If they win then they win. If they die, they die fighting and that’s as good as winning if you’re an ork. And if they run away that doesn’t count either, because it just means they can come back later for another go. Don’t take it from me, that’s 40k cannon going right back to the early days. Big Waz just has to face the facts, the best he managed there was a draw! 

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  3. It sounds like a bloody conflict with some big guns doing what they’re supposed to. The pictures were great and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the lockdown lifting too 🙂

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