Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 6 

At work today I was thinking about my little pirate islands and it really dawned on me just how much I enjoy building terrain. 

Converting miniatures will always be my absolute favourite thing to do but I’d say building terrain and then adding details and weathering etc is a very close second. 

I felt quite knackered after work today, it was a hot bloody day, so I only did an hour or so of the hobby. Basically I built the “Arcane Tower”. It was going to be a small fort but I decided upon just a nice tall watchtower. 

Obviously I need to add a door but I ran out of steam this evening and just couldn’t be arsed haha. 

The tower won’t be glued down in place so I can use it for all sorts of things. I’ll be painting it white with maybe some yellow/cream and or terracotta bits too. I always loved the pirate Lego I had as a kid and this kit was one of my favourites so, clearly, it’s been an inspiration all these years later. 




The port/dock island I was having trouble with is all fixed and is the actual island I used in the pix above. I still need to add some more detailing though. 

28 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 6 ”

  1. That is a very cool Lego set! I used to have some pirate Lego sets when I was a kid. I think they’re kicking around the basement of the house I grew up in (or at least I hope so!). That tower gives off an early Caribbean feel to me and is going to look awesome when done. Can’t wait to see more progress! 🙂

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  2. Man, this pirate island is growing faster than I can keep up with it! The arcane tower is looking great. Interesting that you say how much you enjoy building terrain; your conversions are excellent but I’ve often thought you really shine as a terrain builder. A lot of people, myself included, start to struggle with these bigger pieces compared to the smaller models we’re used to but some of your best work is terrain. 

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  3. Loving the progress on the pirate island. As for chinchilla dust, it’s ground volcanic pumice that can be found at soap supply places for people that make their own soap. Also used to polish opals I found this: and this . I know that there are no chinchillas in Australia, but there’s plenty of pumice!

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