Ork Invasion part 24 

Tonight’s Ork build/conversion had me adding more and more bits as I went. There was no plan, there never really is to be fair, I just grabbed bits and glued them together and made them work. 

The front part of the torso and the back are from completely different kits and are even different sized Orks. Basically, what I’m saying is, they’re not meant to go together AT all but I made it work, well at least I think I did haha. 

At first glance you’d think the skeletal face is the head but you’d be wrong 😜

This Greenskins right leg is actually the right arm from a third party kit. I lopped off the forearm and added a gun barrel as a sort of makeshift peg-leg. Works well enough. The arms fit the easiest and then it was onto the little bits and bobs. I filled every space/gap with bits and then, for the smaller holes I added my glue and bicarb mix to block everything up. It was messy, it was downright crazy but I loved every moment. 

Lastly I added his weird backpack thing. 

Who knows what it is or what it does but it looks Orky and that all it needs. 



28 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 24 ”

  1. Great conversion Luke, you’ve certainly utilised as many bits as possible on this one, as for the backpack it could be a rebreather of some sort that would tie in with the gas mask head you’ve used, so he could be part of a chemical weapons unit, maybe have them carrying stink squig’s which they then hurl as grenades at the opposition ! LOL

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  2. Very nice indeed sir! Only you would use an arm and a gun to make a leg – you really are a mad doc. Kinda want to use the skull head on one of my boyz, as his actual head of course.

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