Ork Invasion Part 33 – The start of the Orktober competition

Aaaaaaaand let the fight begin!!!! 

Today was a beautiful, bright and sunny day here in Victoria Australia so I didn’t particularly want to stay hunched over my desk in the cabin painting Orky things. 

Instead I took my youngest daughter out for a picnic up into an area where this some beautiful picturesque pasture land, local to where we live. It was good fun. We even got a sneaky ice cream on the way home. 

Once home though, after snoozing in my armchair watching YouTube’s, I sat down and finished all the cardboard signage for New OrkLeans. 

Sadly, Wudugast and I didn’t discuss how many points signage would get haha but this will be added to the gates of New OrkLeans eventually. It was good to practice some weathering on these cut out bits of card and all up I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.



23 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 33 – The start of the Orktober competition

  1. Nice – you can’t beat an ice cream. 🙂 Hmmm…. is New Orkleans going to have an ice cream parlour? Before we get to the fighting I reckon the boys would enjoy a nice seat in the sunshine to eat a ch-orc ice.
    As for the sign I reckon that’s a 3 point terrain piece in and of itself. Looks cracking too.

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    1. Haha well done sir. I was trying to think of a clever retort but I’m half awake and haven’t had my coffee yet. Thanks mate I’m glad you like it but NO!! Once it’s attached to the terrain piece(s) then I’ll count it. It was nice to get it done though.

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  2. I think New Orkleans is more likely to have an “I Skream” parlour! 🙂 Nice signs! Considering were on the opposite sides of the world it’s surprising that the countryside in your picture looks very much like the view from our caravan!

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    1. Ahhhh well done Johnny, I like it haha. I’m not sure if you’ve been down under mate but the southern states and south east coast line is actually quite green and lush through winter and spring. Dries up a lot in summer though. Tasmania, the only state I haven’t been to, is apparently very much like England.

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  3. I’m concerned that you’re starting the competition off by spending time with family. Wives and children are just going to slow you down! The sign looks fantastic and I say its worth 1 point for each letter in it! That sounds fair to me 😀

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