Ork Invasion part 48 – The Slaughtered Squig (painted) AND a scratch built tower

This one is a big post as I’ve been fairly constant with hobbying through the week. It’s all in an effort to get New OrkLeans done and dusted by the 19th of November (one week away) in time for a big game I have planned. 

Just a reminder that the name of this bar/pub is paying homage to the classic horror movie “American Werewolf In London” and the pub featured at the beginning called The Slaughtered Lamb. 

When I was kid in England one of my favourite times was going to the pub with the family. I seem to remember that Sundays were family days. We’d go to one called The Kings Head in Cippenham, Slough and have a great day. I remember munching on salt n vinegar chips and drinking coke. The coke from a pub always seemed to taste better for some reason. 

My Dad would slide over his pint of beer to me and I’d hoover off the froth haha. So, technically, I’ve been drinking beer since I was 5 or 6. Ahhhhh good times though. 

Unfortunately Pub culture here in Australia isn’t quite the same. Unless you find an older rural one but even those ones don’t tend to be family orientated on the weekends as far as I know. 

It’s funny because even though I didn’t experience pub culture in the UK, as an adult, I still feel like I miss it. I think because I’d hear stories from mum and dad and my older sister. Stories of snooker competitions, drinking competitions, dancing and fighting haha. 

Anyway back to my Ork Pub. 

It turned out to be a lot more rustic and beaten up than I first planned but it sort of works. I can imagine a drunk Ork is even nuttier and more violent than a sober Ork so I’m sure they would leave a place looking half demolished after a big night out “wiv da lads.”

I did plan on having tables and chairs too but I think that would be too civilised. Instead Orks just rumble in yelling for a pint of Squigness, 4 Orks beer or Gretceken. 

Now a pub needs a publican. Some brave soul who is willing to be on the front lines serving drunken gits who become even gittier as the night goes on. Let’s meet one of the tuffest Orks in New OrkLeans, SlapChop…

SlapChop happens to be the butchers brother. Here they are side by side.

Three things you need to know about SlapChop. 

  1. He’s called SlapChop because he likes to slap and chop things. 
  2. He’s also called SlapChop because that’s the new method/technique of painting doing the rounds at the moment. Just YouTube it if you don’t what I’m banging on about. 
  3. He’s a big bastard. So big in fact he doesn’t actually fit into his own pub so I had to made some “modifications” to the roof of the pub haha. 

They’re a right rowdy mob these Orks.

I originally built this tower for my Saint Kristos (pirate island) project but decided on converting it into an Ork tower. I may have already mentioned this in a WIP post but I ended up cutting the tower into three sections so I could utilise the inside of the tower too. 

Anyway let’s have a look.

Both the tower and the pub were fun to build and paint.

I still have a two large terrain pieces to paint and about six small ones to do and I have one week to go. Wish me luck. 



28 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 48 – The Slaughtered Squig (painted) AND a scratch built tower

  1. You’re right, the pubs here are very different to those in the UK. Beer gardens, indoor snooker and darts, and just the general vibe are very different. When we took a family holiday to the UK in 2017, some of our best meals were in pubs.

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  2. Great work on both buildings Luke, they both have a lot of atmosphere to them, or is that just the smell ! LOL Slap Chop looks like he could handle most situations. I was surprised there was no pub sign, and hope you get the rest finished before the game.

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    1. I don’t think slap chop will be a thing you’ll incorporate into your skill set mate. I didn’t mind it but still found myself half painting it the way I normally would anyway. Glad you like what I’ve done 😊👍🏼

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  3. Yup, no-one that I’ve seen does pubs as well as the English. It’s something I miss from living down south – a nice pub, chill atmosphere, a few good mates, some local beers, pie and chips, some local rando spinning a yarn… that’s what’s best in life I tell you.

    Now this pub seems like it’d be a bit less chilled out, but I reckon the Orks’d have a cracking night out there anyway. The barman looks a lot like a bloke I used to know (who was also a publican as it happens). Really nice bloke but Christ you wouldn’t give him any bother would you!

    Funnily enough I was looking into the slap-chop painting method today. First time I heard of it I was like “what the hell is this? Why’s it called slap-chop?! Does it involve someone slapping you round the chops?!” That’d certainly be one way to go about speed painting – every time you put your brush down a big ork slaps you round the face! That’d keep me painting anyway! Now I know a bit more about it it’s certainly interesting, I don’t know if its for me really but I reckon there’s ideas there I can borrow.

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    1. Yeah slap chop is ok but I honestly found myself touching bits up in own standard way anyway. The skin turned out quite well using the method but I dunno contrast paints tend to make things look a little underdone or even, dare I say, cheap looking. It’s probably just me. I’ll be pretty much sticking to my usual way of painting but I do quite like the skin on this bad boy.

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      1. Nah, it’s not just you – I feel the same way. Contrast paints are fine for what they are, and a really great painter can certainly do spectacular work with them, but 9 times out of 10 the results just look a bit… shit. There – I’ve said it! Contrast is a useful tool, I’d be hard pressed to paint a model these days without using a little bit of it somewhere, but models painted entirely in the stuff almost always look cheap and plastic to me. Whenever I try to use it on a whole model I always end up taking more time because I go back and redo things in proper paint so they look decent. You’ve still done a cracking job here mind, I wouldn’t have known you’d used Contrast if you hadn’t said, which goes to prove it can work well if used right.

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  4. Brilliant stuff.

    I like the pub but the tower is great. Looks just like the Orks found it abandoned and decided to repurpose it for themselves.

    So what is pub/ bar culture like in Australia then? I used to be out all the time but I’m now more of a Whjisky at home kind of guy.



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    1. Haha I’m definitely a whiskey at home guy too man. Pub culture here tends to be either very sporty, or pokie-machine or testosterone fuelled places. Don’t get me wrong, a pool hall is cool and I’ve definitely been to some good pubs but your standard pub down the road isn’t like the ones in the UK at all. Glad you like what I’ve done Pete. I’m happy with the tower and I think it might be the tallest building in New OrkLeans.

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  5. This might be the most English post you’ve ever done, mate. We’ve got pub musings and you said a “right rowdy mob” which sounds very British to me too haha. The Brits do seem to have pubs pretty well worked out because there plenty of places here in the States that try to imitate or bring that experience to Americans. I think the tradition and the local watering hole feel doesn’t make it across the Atlantic very well but I’m not the best one to judge that. I don’t know how many of those pubs are serving proper blood sausage either for that matter!

    Getting back on topic, the pub and publican look great! Every Ork mob needs a good place to unwind and fight a bit more so this will be perfect for the denizens of New Orkleans. How many more buildings do you have left now? New Orkleans has to be getting close to completion now I would think. I’m only asking because I can’t wait to see everything together 🙂

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    1. Australia has tried to replicate the British pub too but they always end up feeling tacky and trashy. I just finished some scatter terrain last night but still have about four pieces to finish off the barricade/fortress. All the internal buildings are complete.

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      1. I didn’t want to say tacky or trashy but those are words I would use too… That sounds good to me, mate. I’ll have to stay patient for a bit longer then I guess!

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  6. More Orky goodness! I’ve been interested in the pub atmosphere you see in movies. I’m the US, it’s 21
    and over, and depending on the bar it can be quite a different environment.
    I’ve been to a few where you can just relax, have some snacks, and talk with your buddy. That’s probably my ideal pub life. Slap Chop is pretty awesome looking and so are the shots of the Orks filling up the bar! 😃

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  7. Yet another wonderful weathered group of glorious orkyness. Love the tower and the pub, though the pub needs more bullet holes. The publican (another alien word to me) is great. Have not really looked into slapchop more than in a cursory way. I’m someone who wants both great tabletop minis and speed too. But if you don’t make the mini your own, what’s the point. I wish I could experience pub culture, but here it’s just restaurants and bars, though hanging out after golf at the bar has its merits. Big congrats on your efforts here and throughout the New Orkleans project. Brilliant!

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