The Chapel Project – Part XXVIII – The Expeditionary Force –

The Expeditionary Force

Lead by Field Marshal Lord Brook, the 221st Imperial Expeditionary Force were once a large detachment of over 1000 troops. However, becoming shipwrecked on The Chapel and having to survive in the Albino wood soon dwindled that number significantly.

They have long forgotten their original mission as their primary goal, after over a decade of being stranded, is staying alive.

That’s all I’ve got so far. I only had the idea for the Expeditionary Force last night when I was mucking around with some Outgard conversions.

As you’ll see I’ve only made six models so far but I’m thinking maybe a dozen. We all know I get a bit carried away though so who knows haha.

I think I’ve achieved a good “Expeditionary/Explorer” type vibe with these fellas but I always love to hear your thoughts, good, bad, constructive or even abusive haha.

Things to note:

1. Field Marshal Lord Brooks right shoulder armour plate is a cadian helmet cut in half. I think it shows how they have had to adapt and use what they have. Who knows what happened to the head that once filled that helmet. Hmmm I wonder if it got cut in half while the head was still in it? Cool.

2. I’m quite happy with the bionic arm I made for the Servitor Bowman. It’s a bit long but I sort of like it like that. If you notice I even made some tiny fingers. Challenging to say the least. I actually used the tips of other bows for the fingers. I was very much inspired by Heretics Servitor, see here –

3. For the sniper I was inspired by a very similar model conversion I’ve seen on google images but for the life of me can’t find it.

4. The dude with the cultist head is a bit of a stand out for me. I think the head works. He looks like he’s a hiker/explorer. The kind of lunatic that would tackle Everest. Note his hiking stick. I made it from an antennae from a vox caster.



Field Marshal Lord Brook –







Surprising, I haven’t sorted any other names yet but they’ll come.


20 thoughts on “The Chapel Project – Part XXVIII – The Expeditionary Force –”

  1. Love these guys. Great ragged, last-of-the-survivors look. Good mix of bits but they still read as a cohesive unit. Are you thinking any heavy weapons troopers will find their way into the mix?

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  2. Well aren’t you the kit bashing junkie! 😉 These are good mate. The idea of scavenging for survival and using the bits to bring that across really works well. You have a lot of painting to do 🙂

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    1. I’m just glad the visit isn’t until September now haha. It’ll give me time to get the painting done. I’m glad you like them. It’s fast become an addiction for me. A healthy one at least. It beats collecting stamps!

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  3. Well you’ve been busy, haven’t you. Pretty awesome group. The Exploratoris Lord is especially cool. But the consistency and simplicity (in a good way, mate) really bring the group together.

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  4. Nice job! 🙂 I love the idea of cutting a helmet in half and repurposing it like you did. It definitely adds a level of gritty realism to it, like it might not be ideal but they do what they gotta do to get by.

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