The Bell Cult – Part 8.

So that’s lunch for me. An apple, a banana and two choc chip cookies. Oh and another post.

Bell Cult Disciple – Wick

His mother always told him that one day there’d be light. How wrong she had been. Determined to light his own path Wick became fascinated, even obsessed, with fire from a very young age. He burnt down his mother’s Yurt at the age of 8 and unfortunately he hadn’t realised she was asleep in it. He was sent away to be a hive slave and was passed from noble to noble until, at the age of 34, he burnt his master alive. On the day of his execution a fire broke out in the crowd. In the confusion Wick managed to slip away and as chance would have it he found himself hiding in the Bell Lair. The Cult offered Wick a job as a Bell cleaner. It wasn’t long after that that Wick took the tests to become a Disciple.

It’s Wicks job to light the way. Weather it be in battle or in work. He takes his role very seriously and has he even  fashioned a special hat which holds his beloved candles.


Just fiddled with his arms to give him more of a “come at me bro” look.

Quirky hat isn’t it hehe.




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