Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 14 

In this post I want to show you all my own pile of ship 😉

Alllllll the way back in 2016 I managed to score, from eBay, three ships from the Maga Bloks toy range. Mega Bloks (Now called Mega Brands) are like a cheaper version of Lego (there’s been plenty of lawsuits) but have produced some very cool kits over the years by the looks of things. 

Anyway, their Pirates of the Caribbean range came out not long after the first movie back in 2002 but Lego were waiting along the line to take the license off MB and produce their own line of pirates of the Caribbean sets. 

Considering the ships I bought were secondhand and missing some parts I got them for a really good price. 

I’ve been wanting to convert/modify them for years and was originally going to put them into a WH40K project but that didn’t eventuate. What good fortune really because now I’m loving this pirate project of mine and they should slide in nicely to the fleet. 

Now the scale is big but works for the most part but the ships wheel is massive in comparison to the minis but that’s not the end of the world and I could always change it down the track. 

Today I pieced the ships together using photos from Google as a reference so let’s take a look. 

First you, the most iconic ship from the movie franchise, The Black Pearl. 

All the Black Pearl is missing are deck canons and the anchor. 

Next up is the Stormstalker (not sure which of the movies this one was in). 

Unfortunately this ship is missing one of the sails. I did find it on eBay for $9.00 but the shipping (from the US) is $30. I don’t think I can justify spending $40 on a small sail for an old toy haha so I may need to try and make one to match, roughly. Other than that most pieces are there. Oh no anchor or deck canons but that’s something I can sort out I’m sure. 

Then we have, what I think is called, The Empress. Again, not sure which movie it features in. 

How cool are those sails?!

This one is missing a whole mast and sails BUT I actually think it doesn’t really need it. However what is does need is a whole new Bow. 

As you can see there’s a fair bit of work to do, namely clipping off all those studs, and then re-laying decks etc to create a timber look. Should be quite fun to do though. Then of course all the painting which will be fun too I reckon. 

Here’s a shot of all the ships (seafaring vessels) I have to date. 



35 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 14 ”

  1. These look perfect Luke, and I’m sure you’ll be able to replace the missing pieces, with your ingenuity. Can’t say I recognise the Stormstalker, but it’s probably from the third movie as is the Empress, as you have all the pirate fleets facing off against the East India Trading company, in “At Worlds End”

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  2. Those ships are surprisingly good for “toys”. Are the sails actually cloth? I dont recognize Stormstalker, but Empress is def from the 3rd movie. They had a pirate party of ships and at least a couple junks.

    Looking forward to seeing you convert these.

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  3. That is a lot of ships. The scale looks fine to me – in reality those would still be very small ships at that size compared to the crew figures. It should be easy enough to get new steering wheels, cannons, etc – there is no shortage of manufacturers.

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  4. The fleet is assembling! It’s exciting seeing the pirate island project move forward in all its dimensions.

    Hope your daughter has been on the mend.

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  5. They look great mate, as said quite the Armada you have now! I imagine you should be able to get most of the missing bits you need from Eureka Miniatures as I think Irregular Miniatures over here carries just about all the stuff you need, and they got it from Eureka!.

    Cheers Roger.

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  6. I’ve seen people try to mix Legos with wargaming and I think Legos have such a distinct look that it doesn’t work all that well. Using Mega Bloks is a stroke of genius though because they don’t insist on looking like plastic bricks so much. It is crazy that they went from being Lego knock offs to making licensed sets. When I was young, they were definitely just generic knock offs that you didn’t want!

    All that said, these ships look pretty awesome and will be perfect pirate vessels. I’d imagine you saved yourself a lot of time not having to make all this stuff from scratch too!

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  7. Ditto to all previous accolades on your burgeoning armada. You’ve got me jonesing to get my brigantines built for the conquistadores fight against the Aztec war canoes. Must…catch…up…on…blog…posts…first…

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