A little update and an apology

G’day all,

I’ve been somewhat absent without leave a bit here on the old blog. Like everyone else I have a busy life but lately it’s become a whole busier due to the fact that I have my new mate Thor in my life.

He’s good fun but keeps me on my toes haha.

Plus I’m also in the process of moving house. Here’s the new place.

I’ve also been working longer days, dog food isn’t cheap hehe.

All this has equated to not having much time for the beloved hobby or blogs (reading and writing) so I want to apologise.

The new place is a little further out and in a quieter area which I’m very much looking forward to and it also has its very own hobby studio/bungalow which I’m looking forward to renovating. I’ll also be busy renovating the rest of the house too but I also have high hopes of dedicating more time to the hobby as well.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in proper again and also catching up all your lovely work as well.

Anyway, just thought I’d drop by to say hi and give you all a little update and to let you know that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth… not yet anyway.



33 thoughts on “A little update and an apology”

  1. Your new place looks awesome, as I started to read, I was thinking, how’s he going to move his shed, until I read you had upgraded to a hobby studio, outstanding !
    Thor looks like he likes a lot of attention, which makes sense on why work is so manic ! LOL

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  2. You know, I was juuust starting to worry about you. I figured most likely you’d gone on the run again though. New digs looks amazing, although you’ll be sad to leave the cabin behind. Glad you’ve got Thor looking after you. 🙂

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    1. Hehe thanks for your concern. This time I was attacked by a savage team of politically correct activists luckily I managed to escape by reducing them to tears with my dark humour. Hope you’re well brother

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  3. Love Thor! He looks like he’s going to be a handful. No need for the apology, but I understand the feelings, as my own blogging has dropped way off over the past year – I just wish I had your reasons to fall back on! Oh and that new house looks fantastic!

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  4. No worries at all on being away and the new house looks great! Got room for one more over there? 😉 Only kidding of course! Thor looks like a keeper to me and well worth the attention. Like others have said, I’m just glad things are going well and I look forward to seeing what crazy projects you get up to once you have a bit more time.

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      1. Now that sounds like a good time! Just make sure that Thor is okay with you putting your attention towards painting because good painting takes time 😉

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  5. I bet if you give Thor a big ol bone, he might give you 5 minutes to get some drybrushing done! 😂 The new place looks really nice. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your studio. Hopefully decorated with bits of old cars, motorbikes, and flames!!

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  6. Well mate at first glance I thought you had moved to sunny QLD what with those Queen palms out the front!! I’m sure you will enjoy being a bit further out, Oh having a studio has made me envious, I only have a cold old shed.
    Just wit until Thor really gets going, thats when the tucker bill will come into play!!!

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