Outgard paint test final result


Big thanks to all of you that commented on my first post about painting this Outgard Grunt. Your thoughts and advice really did help.

I’ve added some weathering, a little rust and a spatter of blood. I also did some drybrushing for highlighting.

I’m quite happy with him now and he has set the tone/scheme for the “good guys” of Outgard who are called “The Pure.”

Thanks again for helping.


21 thoughts on “Outgard paint test final result”

  1. He looks good. Just be careful of adding too much grime/blood/etc to keep them easily distinguishable from the various bad guys, while still keeping the gritty feel that you’re after.

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    1. Thanks and yes true. Although as this guy is wielding a shot gun I felt a good spatter would be fairly believable haha. Plus he’s blind so who knows what he’s blasting apart. Could be a foe, could be the next door neighbours Beagle.


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