The Chapel Project Part IV – Henchman # 1 –

I’m going off like a frog in a sock over this project haha. Managed to paint another mini for the Warband.

See the brief here…

Those who would brave The Chapel

This Henchman is one of a few who have joined up to this Warband for the promise of large payments of treasure and spoils.

His name is Sebastian Black and he is a well travelled pirate and smuggler. He is suave as much as he is ruthless. He is just as quick to cut you down with his words as he is with arch power sabre. Not a lot is known about this well educated nomadic character but one thing everyone knows is that he is incredibly manipulative. Some say he was born into piracy but others say he has royal blood coursing through his veins. He is a highly valued and respected member of the Retinue but he is also disliked by all.


16 thoughts on “The Chapel Project Part IV – Henchman # 1 –”

  1. Really nice mate, oily like Carlo says, which suits his smug smirk! He’s certainly hedging his bets with the symbols & fetishes he’s carrying – are they for disguise? Trophies? Or just good old kleptomania 🙂

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