Plague Prophet #3 Kurdred “The Apprentice” – March of the Flies Part 23.

Well hello there my friends. It’s actually been a while since I posted any painted models. Why, I hear you ask, because I haven’t painted anything up until now haha.

The March Of The Flies Project continues…

As mentioned in Part 21 –

– Plague Prophets came down from the sky to show the devout followers of Nurgle a new way of fighting their enemies.

In Part 22 we met Chernobog, a psychic warrior –

– Now we meet Chernobog’s apprentice, Kurdred.

Following in his Masters footsteps Kurdred has thrown his soul at the mercy of papa Nurgle and he has been rewarded with the gift of undying and blessed with rot and his own blood is a mutagen.

Kurdred was once a very proud Librarian Apprentice and studied in the great halls of his home-wolrd’s  knowledge vaults. However, Kurderd always aspired to being more than he was and it didn’t take much to corrupt him.



Like his Master, Chernobog, Kurdred wear a red robe but his is, somewhat, cleaner due to the fact he has been in the embrace of Nurgle for less than half the time his Master has.


His body is riddled with a crawling, living disease call “The Creeping Death”.


Kurdred’s mutant arm is powerful enough to slice or cut open thick armour and so disease ridden even the slightest scratch from one of it’s spiny teeth can cause infection and, in most cases, death.


A basic conversion but, I think, a fairly effective one.


Love that shoulder armour.


I hope you guys like him.



I’m home a lone tonight apart from my little three year old shield maiden who is fast asleep, so I have two more posts to put up for you tonight. Hmm, I wonder if you’ll view/read them in order? I know I would.



8 thoughts on “Plague Prophet #3 Kurdred “The Apprentice” – March of the Flies Part 23.”

  1. This is awesome! 😀 I absolutely love that creepy mutated arm. Looks great!
    Also, I think it is adorable that you call your daughter your little shield maiden. So much cooler than “princess”. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe cheers. Her name is Willow so I call her the following:

      Wil I Am
      Milky Wilky

      Also shield maiden, bubble and crazy chicken haha.

      The cool part is that she answers to all of the names I’ve bestowed upon her.

      Liked by 1 person

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